From the Beginning...

In Brantford from the 1940’s through the early 1970’s a small oil business named O’Leary Oils and Greases was operated by Tom and Dorothy O’Leary. Although there were some commercial accounts, the business was focused on the dairy and tobacco farmers of Brant County and surrounding area. Occasionally, during the early 1970’s, Wayne Villamere would assist his Uncle Tom with the delivery of his products.

In 1974, Wayne and his wife Bonnie purchased the business from the O’Leary family, and continued to operate under the name O’Leary Oils & Greases.

In 1976, Wayne also took on the task of managing the Gulf Oil fuel and home comfort agency, located at 56 Henry Street in Brantford. Four years later (1980), Gulf Oil initiated a move toward fewer but larger agencies which resulted in a closure of the Brantford location. This presented Wayne and Bonnie the opportunity to purchase the bulk plant and warehouse. The acquisition allowed them to combine their lubricant business with fuels and home comfort.
This newly diversified entity marked the beginning of Renway Oil Inc. The name Renway was derived from Wayne’s home town of Renfrew, Ontario (REN), and his name, Wayne (WAY).

Wayne and Bonnie’s two sons, Brad and Marc, worked for the company part- time while attending school. Both boys graduated from their studies in the early part of the 1990’s and assumed full-time positions with Renway Oil Inc.
Today, Renway is comprised of two distinct divisions, Renway Fuels & Lubricants, managed by Brad, and Renway Heating & Cooling, managed by Marc.

Renway Fuels & Lubricants offers a comprehensive line of petroleum products including, fuels (gasoline, diesel, furnace oil, stove oil and propane), lubricants (agricultural, commercial, industrial and automotive), and filters (oil, fuel, air, and hydraulic).

Renway Heating & Cooling is a complete residential and light commercial heating (oil, natural gas, and propane), air conditioning, sheet metal fabrication, and ventilation contractor.

This family owned business prides itself on providing quality products coupled with professional, courteous service you can rely on. Similar to the early years, Renway’s continued success is built on customer satisfaction.