• Fuel Tanks -Above ground single and double wall utility tanks for gasoline and diesel fuel. Available in nominal capacities from 450 litres to 50,000 litres.
  • Propane Tanks – Above and underground starting at 120 USWG.
  • Tanks for Used Oil – Available in nominal capacities from 450 litres to 4,500 litres.
  • Mobile Refuelling IBC’s – Available in rectangular, cylindrical and half oval configurations. Nominal capacities range from 450 litres to 2,200 litres.
  • Workbench Tanks – Available in 800 and 1100 litre capacities.
  • Residential Heating Oil Tanks – Available in 450, 900 and 1100 litre capacities.

All of our tanks are ULC and/or CSA approved for their intended use. Talk to us about installation.

Pumps and Accessories

  • Fill-Rite Heavy Duty Fuel Pumps -Available in 12, 24, 115 and 230 volts with varying flow rates through ¾ or 1 inch outlets. Meters are optional.
  • Hoses – Available in both ¾ and 1 inch diameters at various lengths.
  • Nozzles – Available in ¾ and 1 inch diameters, automatic shut off or manual operation.
  • Filtration – Available in water and particulate, along with the appropriate adaptors.

Talk to us about installation.

Lube Equipment

  • Manual  or air operated oil and fluid pumps
  • Manual or air operated grease pumps and guns
  • Hose reels
  • Metered (digital or mechanical)  and non-metered control handles
  • Lubrication and fluid handling accessories