Renway Corporate Donation and Sponsorship

The Renway Energy sponsorship and donation application portal is now open and accepting submissions. Below is Renway Energy’s new corporate policy and application form which is now in effect with regards to sponsorship and donation eligibility. Before submitting an application we ask you to critically review our corporate policy as any submissions that do not meet all of the criteria may not be considered. Please note that depending on the time of submission, funding may be limited and all eligible applications are not guaranteed funding. However, all eligible applications will be held on file if funding is not provided right away and may be considered at a later time.

Corporate Policy

Renway Energy will gladly give consideration to applicants who/that are located in Southern Ontario and are recognized as:

  • A registered non-profit organization
  • A registered sports organization
  • A registered charitable organization
  • An institute of public education

Prior to the application process, we encourage organizations to ensure the nature of their activity does not relate to any of the following:

  • Political parties or champaign support
  • Organization located outside of Southern Ontario
  • Religious organizations
  • For-profit organizations
  • Supplementing endowments or grants
  • Individuals advocating for themselves
  • Supplimenting government funded initiatives
  • Debt offsetting
  • Lobby groups
  • Trusts or funds

Application Form

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