We’re known for providing quality products at competitive prices. But what really sets us apart is our service. Our dedicated and superior level of service shows you that we truly value your business. And every customer, no matter how big or small, receives it.


You value your comfort at home. That’s why we provide you with reliable delivery of home heating fuel—furnace oil or propane. And that’s not all! As a Renway Fuels and Lubricants customer you have full access to Renway Heating and Cooling.  Renway Heating and Cooling is a full service heating, air conditioning and ventilation contractor. Not only can we provide you with 24-7 repair service but we also offer scheduled maintenance and system upgrades.


We understand what it takes to operate a farm. In fact, a number of our employees have a farming background. The result—fuels, lubricants and filters when you need them.


Along with dedicated and committed customer service comes flexibility. You’ll receive customized service to meet the refuelling requirements of your construction site(s).  We understand that costly downtime resulting from lack of fuel is not an option.

Not only can you rely on the Renway team to supply fuel when and where you need it, we can also provide your site(s) or headquarters with oils, greases and filters for services and top-ups.


Commercial Fleet

Receive excellent rates on fuel, lubricants and filters for your fleet. Even better, save more by combining all three. Plus, we are more than happy to help manage your fuel, lubricant and filter inventories at no additional cost.  This saves your company time and money!

Greater Service + Excellent Rates = Better Value!


Controlling maintenance costs while trying to extend equipment, machine and tool life is a challenge to say the least. We’re here to help. Not only can we provide the right products at the right price, we can also help curve your company’s inventory carrying costs on maintenance lubricants and filters.

Allow us to maintain the majority of your inventory, and we will deliver products to your company when you need them.

Give us a try

We know we can be of service to you and your home or company. Just ask our customers. We credit our growth over the years to their recommendations and referrals. Satisfying customers is what motivates us day in and day out. Give us a try, and learn what our customers have come to know—you can rely on Renway.